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Full Wedding Service by Hindu House

Hindu House Wedding


Wedding is an important Samskara in Hinduism. Hindus believe in reincarnation. To reach salvation a Hindu should know how to stop this birth cycle. Between birth and death, there is life. Life is the experimental stage for Hindus to obtain salvation. For this purpose fourteen samskaras are prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.
Wedding is a ceremony marking adulthood and household responsibilities. The wedding auspicious time is
more important that reception activities. In wedding the seven vows are taken in front of fire and it is important that they should be religiously respected for life and in connection with salvation.

To facilitate wedding samskaram, Hindu House provides wedding halls in compliance with all the rituals required so that the ceremony is held in conformity with the norms. We do organise everything required for the celebration of weddings,  right from the venue to parties, such as:

  • Venue Options
  • Pandits on functions, indoors and outdoors
  • Singers for Haldi and Wedding and Sehnayi
  • Musicians including male and female and folks dancers and singers
  • Audio-sound recording system for musical and speech display
  • Video recording and camera filming for all functions
  • Professional Photographer
  • Transport Facilities including bus and limousine
  • Complete Catering Services with Cooks e.g. Traditional wedding cusine, Vegetarian buffet, Wedding cakes and Refreshments, both indoors and outdoors
  • Facilities for Wedding Services: Hall with 1000 Seating, Accommodation, Decorations for mandap, hall and seats.


Our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure every details is perfect to make your wedding joyful and memorial one.

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