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Spiritual Park

Somnath Spiritual Park at Ganga Talao


Hindu House has embarked on an important socio-cultural project for the setting up of a SPIRITUAL PARK CUM RELIGIOUS RETREAT on a land made available to the Hindu Community, through the Hindu House at Ganga Talao Grand Bassin.

The SPIRITUAL PARK CUM RELIGIOUS RETREAT spread over an area of 16 acres of land will exhibit the multi facets of our culture and religious. Once completed it will become a centre of attraction to Mauritians and foreign visitors as well.

The SPIRITUAL PARK CUM RELIGIOUS RETREAT will also comprise a multipurpose building of 30 000 sqft spread over 4 levels and will house a Museum on Culture & Religious, Library, Reading rooms, Meditation & Yoga Centre and many other facilities. These will be for the benefit of the community at large.

Hindu House has already completed preliminary works on the site and a temple to house a SHIV LING surrounded by 108 small shivlings is well under way since the last few months.

The proposed “Spiritual Park” by Hindu House at Ganga Talao will be a landmark in the history of Mauritius. It will be an ideal place to organize seminars, conferences and religious discourses.

As Ganga Talao is in the lap of nature, with heavenly environment it will be a centre for meditation and yoga.

Somnath Spiritual Park Construction Images

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