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Help De-Addicition Centre

Humanitarian Education Liberation Project HELP DE-ADDICTION CENTRE

The Humanitarian Education Liberation Project (Help De-Addiction Centre) founded in 1989 is a non-profitable organization.

A day care centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics it is affiliated with the National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers (NATReSA) since 1992.

The project aims to combat the abuse of drug and alcohol with a multidisciplinary approach programme. The centre is run under aegis of Hindu House.

Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation for Drug Addicts with special emphasis on Alcoholics and Drug Addicts with aims at reaching the Mauritian Community with the following facilities:

  1. Prevention
  2. Curative
  3. Educative
  4. Community Awareness
  5. After care and follow up support

The centre provides a wide range of preventive/educational programmes for the whole community with free day-care services. Outreach programmes in villages and towns in respect of the adverse consequences of drug and alcohol abuse are provided for public awareness.

Treatment is assured through the following facilities:

  • Registration of clients (identity card)
  • Case study
  • Counselling
  • Psychosocial support
  • Group therapy
  • Family and individual therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Follow up services
  • After care services


The Aim of the centre is to create a healthy environment with a Drug Free Society. Our fast developing country needs a Healthy Labour Force to guarantee the development which will enable us to live in peace and prosperity.

The Help De-Addiction centre wishes to initiate people towards simple living with adequate moral values, enabling them to discover the truth and joy of life.

Do not hesitate to come at the centre for any of these services. We are all friends and welcome the public at large.


Codeine Substitution Therapy

  • Clients are registered for Codeine Substitution Therapy after they have followed their different therapies.
  • Clients are given this treatment after medical check-up by the Medical Practitioner appointed by the Centre.
  • This codeine based treatment is provided to clients under close monitoring by Medication dispensers.


The above treatment is being offered to clients through centres by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. Formalities for clients to be admitted are being completed by social workers at the centre. Psychosocial Support is offered to clients after they complete their 14 days treatment at National Methadone Substitution Therapy Centres which based at Beau Bassin.

Follow up and after care services are assured by the centre for all clients on Methadone Maintenance Therapy.

Yoga Therapy

hinduhouse-help-yoga-therapyYoga Therapy helps to treat the mind and body, or the physical and mental addiction simultaneously. Yoga therapy can help a person change their unhealthy habits by restoring their body and their mind.

There are many forms of yoga, but each and every one helps bring a balance to a person’s life. Many people claim that yoga is meditation in motion. Using it as a therapy a person can be helped to control any compulsive behaviours against drug addiction. It can help rehabs in treating addiction and can help addicts live a longer drug free life.


Decentralised Cooperation Programme

  • Identification and Implementation of Community-based micro-projects towards poverty alleviation “Programme de reinsertion sociale pour 30 clients du centre Help”

Project for women and children in Distress

Financed by Ministry of Gender Equality Child Development and Family Welfare project title: Special collaborative programme for support to women and children in distress : Renovation of existing building and capacity building for female clients for employability through courses in sewing/embroidery.

hinduhouse-help-teamWorking hours:

08:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs (during weekdays)
08:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs (Saturday)

Address: Hindu House, Cassis, Port-Louis

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