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Hindu House Created to make History

Founded in 1994 by a group of well-wishers of the Mukti Sangh of Mauritius, Hindu House created to serve the common good of the Hindus and the people of Mauritius at large and to facilitate nation building through harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Objectives of the Hindu House:

  • To conduct and organise debates, forums, conferences on Hindu religion and philosophy.
  • To organise Katha, Pooja and Yaj with a view to promoting Hinduism and its teachings.
  • To organise courses for Hindu priests.
  • To assist overseas and local Hindu organisations having the same or related objectives.
  • To help and assist its members in economic, educational, social, religious and cultural fields.
  • To undertake any other activities to promote the interests of its members.


Ongoing project – Spiritual Park at Grand Bassin


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